All your data is yours. No cookies, no ads, no tracking, no nothing. None of your prayer data leaves your device.

As simple as that.

Any data you enter in Prayminder such as prayer names and notes are only stored on your device in a local database within the app. None of that data is ever leaving your device.
(Just make sure you don’t uninstall the app because this means you’ll lose all that data!)

The app uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information about usage, i.e. register events (such as when a user taps the ‘Amen’ button so we can count worldwide prayers) or the broader geographical area (i.e. city). This data is completely anonymous and cannot be tracked back to the user.

The prayer reminder notifications are scheduled from the app itself, which means there is no need to have a ‘cloud’ server to have access to your data. The only downside of this is that you will have to open the app every few days to renew the notifications.

We created Prayminder this way to make it safe, secure and simple.

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