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From the Prayminder team

Christian posters

Minimal Christian posters designed by us with love. We truly wish from our hearts that they will lead you closer to the Lord —and in the same time make your walls look awesome!

Minimal Christian posters designed by us with love. We truly wish from our hearts that they will lead you closer to the Lord —and in the same time make your walls look awesome!


Make your own prayer & thanksgiving list

Many times we would like to pray and give thanks for people, situations or other things that are important, but we never remember to do so. By making your own praylist, you can now have one central place with everything that matters to your heart.

Keep track of who you’re praying for

Prayminder will send you reminders during the day, so you can remember to pray continuously. All your daily reminders are gathered in one place, so you can see who you’re praying for each day.


Notifications will remind you to pray

With push notifications sent to you throughout the day, you are frequently reminded to pray, no matter where you are or what you do. This helps you create the habit of praying continuously.


This app has brought a refreshing newness to my daily prayer life. I love consistently praying for people and ministries all throughout the day, everyday!
Peter Good
Pastor of Zoe Church, Thessaloniki
A really nice and good app, I recommend it to anyone who needs to be reminded in everyday life to pray and thank God for big and small things.
Irena Derki
Founder of Bibelpodden, pastor of VOIS church, Norrköping

The Team

Emma Ludvigsson

Co-Founder, Lion's Wool HB

Emma has a bachelor in Information & spatial design. She is a missionary child who was brought up in church. After attending Bible School, she's been a leader in church for many years, leading children, youth and worship.

Panos Karageorgakis

Co-Founder, Lion's Wool HB

Panos is a strong tech and design professional with a M. Eng focussed in Computer Engineering. He's been working as senior designer with leading tech companies including, Spotify and H&M.

Our mission

The Bible says “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord´s people” (Ef 6:18 ) and …”pray continually”…(1 Thess 5:17)

We all know that prayer is a fundamental thing in a Christian person’s life. It’s what we use to communicate to and get to know the One we believe in. Jesus Himself used prayer to communicate to His Father and the Bible speaks a lot about prayer. However, this simple thing can be so hard especially in today’s busy life. Many of us will not pray during the day unless something reminds us to do so.

But how can we change this? How can we remember to pray always or even pray at all during the day? It´s simple, we need reminders!

The story behind the app

Around the end of this year’s summer, sitting on a sunny terrace and enjoying the warm weather, we started discussing about app ideas that could enhance Christian people’s lives. What are the needs of believers around the world, that remain unaddressed today in the digital landscape?

Reflecting upon ourselves, we realised that in today’s busy world, continuous prayer is not an easy thing to practice. Soon enough, the idea came that we’d love to have an app that does one single task: remind us to pray, throughout the day. We envisioned an app that is simple, easy to use and tailored to each Christian person’s needs.

Prayminder is the outcome of that simple idea, and the first of more elegant world-class apps to come. Apps made by Christians, for Christians. We hope it will help you pray more.


How to Download the App

Prayminder is available for iOS and Android.

Click one of the buttons below to go to the App Store in order to install the app on your device: